Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Flash Film Fest




Q: Will there be a Flash Film Fest II in 2022?

A: Unfortunately, no - check back for 2023!


Q: Where do I access the ONLINE viewing of Flash Film Fest?

A: Tickets and Instructions are here:


Q: Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for the Live event at the Greenville Drive-in? 

A: No, one ticket gets you into both events.


Q: Can anyone submit a film to Flash Film Fest?

A: Yes, but only if your film is 15 minutes or less.


Q: How do I submit a film?

A: Via


Q: What are the film categories?

A: Rare Films / Capital Region / Youth


Q: What Awards are available to the filmmakers?


Flash Film Fest

Flash Film Fest is a project of Beth Schneck. We celebrate artistic and cultural diversity and intend to inspire creative engagement in all artistic mediums.